UAE National Day 2017. The Poetry of National Symbols


UAE National Day 2017. The Poetry of National SymbolsThe national flag, coat of arms and anthem are the main state symbols. These symbols serve as a reminder of various historical events, reflect the political system, location, country's economy and define basic religious beliefs of the state. Besides, the national symbols often become elements of poetic comprehension and thereby beliefs and traditions affect the interpretation of the country’s flag, coat of arms or hymn.

In the case of the flag of the United Arab Emirates, it turned out a little differently. On the 2nd of December 1971 six emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujayrah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Qaywayn) declared their independence from Britain and called themselves the United Arab Emirates. Two months earlier, the Al Ittihad newspaper published an article about the design competition, sponsored by Al Diwan Al Amiri Abu Dhabi. It was a competition for designing the UAE flag.

UAE National Day 2017. The Poetry of National SymbolsAbout 1030 designers competed for their right to become the author of the new state's flag. At the final stage of the competition there were only six graphic works left, from which, ultimately, the design of 19-year-old Mr. Abdulla Mohammed Al Ma’enah was chosen. The winner was granted AED 4.000. Later he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

A lot of symbolic meanings are usually attributed to the flag's colors, while the official interpretation of these colors may not exist. The situation changes when author's ideas are known in advance; when we know what thoughts the designer of the flag has implicated into his coloring. Abdulla Mohammed Al Ma’enah was inspired by Safi-u-ddin Al Hali’s poems, in which human actions are figuratively painted white, plains are green, battles are dark, and swords are red. So the flag of the UAE reflects the ambitions and hopes of its citizens, it means peace, security and happiness in all spheres of life.

The UAE flag was adopted on the 2nd of December 1971 and raised by Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – the first president of a new country.

On that day the Trucial Coast also known as Trucial Oman – a group of tribal confederations in the south-eastern Persian Gulf, which were a British protectorate in the XIX-XX centuries – vanished from the political map of the world and the federation of monarchies appeared.

UAE National Day 2017. The Poetry of National SymbolsNational Day is celebrated on 2nd December each year in the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the most celebrated holidays in the UAE which lasts for several days. A number of concerts, theatrical performances, carnivals and trade fairs take place during the National Day weekend. However, festive decorations, national colors and flags appear much earlier than the official date. The fact is that in the first days of November, the United Arab Emirates celebrates its National Flag Day. On this day, all institutions raise or display the National Flag. State leaders and famous people call on the public to show love for their homeland and to hang the flag in front of their houses as a symbol of devotion to the UAE and the Founding Fathers of the nation.

In talking about national symbols, we cannot fail to mention the state emblem of the United Arab Emirates. It is composed of a golden falcon with the UAE flag on its chest that forms a circle with 7 stars along the perimeter which symbolizes the number of emirates. It’s necessary to mention that the new emirate of Ras Al Khaimah joined UAE in 1972 as its "seventh star".

The Planetary Development Institute (PDI, Dubai) congratulates People and Leaders of the UAE and wishes them peace, love, prosperity and harmony. Leafing through the pages of history our Institute expresses its deep respect for the national symbols of the United Arab Emirates.

Photos: Kata Banhalmi (@katus); Ekaterina Kuznetsova (@iamcopykat) & Viktor Patyukov (@vic_pat)