Iaponira Reis

Business Development Director Brazil and South America Region.

Business Development Director Brazil and South America Region Born in Brazil on November 1985, Iaponira Reis has received her first degree on Economics science on 2006 from the State University of Bahia. Since then she has moved to Europe where she has acquired a 6 year’s experience on Marketing Communications and lately graduated from The Open University UK with a degree in BA Business and Management. Furthermore, Iaponira Reis has achieved the knowledge of 5 new languages, currently being able to speak 6 languages (Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian, French and Russian). Iaponira holds a visionary and dynamic personality which shapes her creative and organizational skills as well as a flexible professional commitment towards success orientation. Among her vast interests stand out digital and social marketing as well as sustainability and ethics in business, which she believes play a valuable role on the relationship between organizations and the external environment.

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South America in the grip of global problems


Something that nowadays is known under the gloomy name "global problems" was born on our planet in the 1960s. They are problems of the whole planet, that are vitally important and the humanity`s fate depends on their solution.